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ItsOnMe's mission is to support local community by curating the coolest places to have a drink or bite to eat and allowing you to gift someone there. You get an easy way to say "thanks" or "congratulations", your friend gets an awesome gift and the local merchant gets new business. ItsOnMe goes beyond mobile payments, connecting people and places for meaningful, real-world experiences.

Gift from Anywhere

Use ItsOnMe from anywhere to send a round of drinks, an entree, or even reserve the best seat in the house for the big game.

Learn about new places

Browse through multiple cities and learn about this specially curated group of merchants that have consistently been praised by its locals and patrons.

"This one is on me"

There are almost 1 million birthdays a day, 3 million babies born each year, over 2 million college graduations and millions of other celebrations. Plenty of reasons to buy a friend, co-worker or loved one a gift and say "Congrats! This one is on me.".


ItsOnMe is about Mobile Gifting above all else. Using ItsOnMe to gift friends and loved ones. Supports carefully curated local businesses that are focused on quality goods, services and customer service.

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Browse the ItsOnMe catalog of amazing locations and find out where you can buy your friends and family the coolest gift they'll receive this year.

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