What it means to "Gift Local" in Las Vegas

Posted on 5/8/2019 in Industry Content, Local Business

One of the many things that makes Las Vegas such a special place to live are all the amazing local business owners that choose this community as there home. These entrepreneurs not only hire locally, but the money that is spent at their businesses is redistributed directly back into the local community.

Allow us to introduce you to a few of these special community members:

•Meet Chef Brian Howard of Sparrow + Wolf. Brian moved to town to ….. Chef is now raising his family here which include his wife Wendy and sone Brix. Has 35 employees and just launched Fly Dogs, a concept available at the Las Vegas Aviator baseball games in Summerlin.

•Meet Bryce Krausman. Bryce has been in Las Vegas for XX years. Is the proprietor behind both DW Bistro and employs 40+ locals for over 8 years now. Bryce is also one of the most philanthropic citizens in Las Vegas support such causes as XXXX, XXXX and XXXX.

•Elizabeth Blau calls Las Vegas home and even though her name is known worldwide we are fortunate to have places like Honey Salt and Andiron Steak employing and creating growth opportunities for so many locals. The money spent at these businesses are immediately redistributed back into the Summerlin neighborhood and Las Vegas as a whole.

•A little over a year ago, James Trees moved back to his native Las Vegas from sunny California to open Esther's Kitchen as a simple neighborhood spot. The seasonal Italian restaurant has risen quickly to the top of the Las Vegas off-Strip scene, and James has doubled down with new concepts: 108 Eats at the STRAT and Ada's, opening imminently at Tivoli Village. Chef James takes the time to mentor his employees and as his business grows, he chooses to promote from within whenever possible. Supporting owner-operators like Trees means supporting Las Vegas for now and the future. (https://www.estherslv.com/)

•Cory Harwell moved to Las Vegas in 1997. After working for Harley-Davidson Cafe and then MGMResorts, he started investing his own capital, sweat, blood and tears (literally) into Las Vegas burgeoning restaurant scene. From Caña at Town Square to Carson Kitchen with Chef Kerry Simon. Even when amazing concepts like Caña didn’t make it, Cory continued to push and take risks in this city he loves so much. www.carsonkitchen.com

•Dan and Shawna are the maestros behind Le Thai and Le Pho - Both long time staples of Downtown Las Vegas. These two employ local, invest local and support their fellow local business owners, making Las Vegas a better place by choosing to grow their brands and family here.

•Bryan and Lyle, P. Moss, Pamela and Christina Dylag and Branden Powers are the creatives and operators behind Starboard Tack, Double Down Saloon, Frankies Tiki Room, Velveteen Rabbit and The Golden Tiki. Some of the most amazing places in town where not only you can enjoy an amazing cocktail, but you will experience the creativity of local musicians and have the opportunity to see another side of Las Vegas. These venues cover every part of town from East Sahara to Chinatown and now Water Street where Hardway 8 just opened this month. Would Las Vegas really be Las Vegas without these guys and these amazing businesses.

•John Arena, Sam Facchini and Chris Decker are three some of the hardest working people our team has ever met and are always focused on elevating the Las Vegas community. Showing up to work every day the guys literally build up this city with their hands. Metro Pizza has 6 locations, 100+ employees and the ownership group and their teams have been giving back to our city for 20+ years including such charity drives as XXX and XXXX.

When you choose to support these businesses from a drink after work or as the location to celebrate your birthday, you are choosing to support these risk takers and your city. These businesses can also be found on www.itson.me - An eGift card platform that makes it easy for you to gift local. When you choose to gift local you are making a small but meaningful effort to support a local business. So next time you say “Congrats”, “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You”, be sure to say it with ItsOnMe.

Here is the complete list of local businesses you can send an eGift Card from directly from your phone, iPad or computer: https://www.itson.me/gifts/las-vegas-shop#/