Local Business Highlight: Le Thai

Posted on 6/27/2017 in Industry Content

If you’re a Vegas local, then you are no stranger to Le Thai on East Fremont Street. You’ve likely put your name on the wait list and grabbed a cocktail down the street while rubbing your belly and day dreaming of short rib fried rice (You know we’re guilty). Last week, we sat down with Chef/Owner Dan Coughlin, to get a more personal look at the man behind the culinary magic.

“Thai food has always been my specialty. I grew up in my mom’s kitchen so it became very natural to me, said Coughlin.

That’s a statement we think any pad Thai or curry lover would agree with after dining at Le Thai. Going beyond his dishes, we were curious to find out what the chef has to drink when he’s at his own restaurant.

“Our Thaijito cocktail is phenomenal. It’s a delicious remix of the famous mojito which is a great summer cocktail!” Thaijito Cocktail

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We were also curious to see where Dan likes to eat in the downtown area.

“Carson Kitchen has always been a favorite spot of mine since it opened. Great food, great staff!”

If you traveled to another city just to eat, what city would it be?

“New York!” He said quickly.

And what do you put on your hot dog, Dan?

Ketchup, mustard, and relish.

It seems he’s pretty standard when it comes to his hot dogs. But nothing short of unique and bold when it comes to the creation of his menu at Le Thai.

We asked Dan if there was anything the local foodies need to know about, we think you are going to like his answer: “We have a brand new special. It is our Thai Fried Chicken. It comes with house fried rice and a ginger sauce that is to die for.” Now it will be even harder to decide on an entree when eating at Le Thai, we suggest you bring your friends and share plates!

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Thai Chicken Wings