Drink Local on National Coffee Day

Posted on 9/29/2017

If you follow ItsOnMe, you know that we love local businesses. Matter of fact, we are partnered with over 300 locally-owned and operated businesses throughout the country.

With #NationalCoffeeDay upon us, we wanted to provide a little positive informaton for you to sip on with your afternoon joe.

Why Support Local Businesses? At first, the answer seems simple and obvious. When you spend money at a small business, you are directly supporting an entrepreneur and their dreams as oppose to a corporation. While this is 100% accurate, let's take a moment to consider what this action does for the community as a whole.

Mint Mojito Bad Owl Coffee Mint Mojito Iced Lattte -Bad Owl Coffee, Henderson NV.

Wealth When dollars a spent at a large chain, much of that money ends up in another state or even another country where the corporation is based. On the other hand, money spent at a "local" business is much more likely to be recycled back into that community. This creates wealth and boosts the local economy.

Politics Who is making the decisions in your community? Politicians are backed by business - Big & small. When you support local businesses, you help put the power in the hands of the people that are most invested in your community and community interests like education and important rules/regulations. Locally owned businesses help establish sustainable communities though empowerment.

Diversity Ever been to a department store in Brooklyn? It doesn't look too much different inside than a department store in downtown Miami. Now consider a local coffee shop. Everything is different -from the baristas clothing to the art on the walls. Maybe even the way that your order your favorite beverage. This is why when we buy coffee at a local shop rather than a chain, we are making a direct impact on the diversity, and building a unique place for people to live and create.

Smith Center Art Smith Center, Las Vegas. Photo Cred: Las Vegas Review Journal

So this National Coffee Day, add a little color to your world, empower your neighbors and maybe even try a new style of coffee while you're at it.

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