Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the ItsOnMe service and apps.

I received a gift. How do I redeem it?

An ItsOnMe gift works just like a gift card. You'll use it at the venue when you are ready to pay. To use your gift, simply log into your account through our website or mobile app and click on your e-gift card. Choose the amount you'd like to redeem, and the value will be applied to your bill. Just tell the cashier/server that you are using ItsOnMe.

Someone sent me a gift. Where is it?

ItsOnMe e-gifts are delivered via email or text message. Please check your email inbox for a message from ItsOnMe. No luck? The sender may have mispelled your email address when purchasing the gift. You may also contact ItsOnMe support at any time by texting 310.235.3835 (fastest response) or by emailing

Do I have to open an account with ItsOnMe to send a gift card?

Yes. Creating an account allows us to keep track of who the gift belongs to. It also allows our customer service team to best assist you.

I received an ItsOnMe gift card. When does my e-gift expire?

If someone purchased a gift for you, your gift will never expire. ItsOnMe and our partners occasionally give promotional gifts. If you've received a promo gift, the expiration date will be clearly labeled on your gift.

How can I contact ItsOnMe support?

For the fastest possible response, please send a text message to 310.235.3835. You may also email us at .

What is ItsOnMe's policy for tipping?

Tips are not included in the value of your gift card. Please be sure to tip appropriately depending on the venue's tipping policy.

Can I give my gift to someone else?

Sure! Why not? To send your gift to someone else, download the ItsOnMe mobile app and click on your gift card. From there, you can press "Re-Gift" and send the gift to whoever you'd like.

My friend doesn't have an ItsOnMe account. Can I send them a gift?

Of course. You can send gifts to any email address or mobile number. The recipient will get a message from ItsOnMe containing the gift along with your written message (optional).

Which mobile devices are supported by ItsOnMe?

We offer apps for iPhone and Android, and gifts can be sent or redeemed through our main website from any smartphone or Internet-connected tablet.

How do I get my business listed in ItsOnMe?

Fill out the merchant signup form on our merchant site: