In partnership with the Vegas Chamber and LVMPD Foundation.

Switch to Kindness

In this difficult time, it’s more critical than ever to support each other. That’s why the Vegas Chamber is creating an unprecedented partnership with Switch, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Foundation and ItsOnMe® to create the “Switch to Kindness!” campaign.

This partnership not only supports Southern Nevada’s businesses by infusing CASH into their coffers, but it also supports Southern Nevada’s frontline first responders like law enforcement, healthcare, fire, and emergency medical services personnel, to name a few.

Gift Local

When you purchase a eGift card for a local businesses you are supporting both that business and a first responder.

Choose a participating business to buy an electronic gift card from and when checking out send the gift card to

The electronic gift card will be automatically delivered to the LVMPD Foundation, which administers the distribution to Southern Nevada first responders through its existing, proven distribution network.

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Local Businesses

The Vegas Chamber is offering free memberships so local businesses can participate in this program.

Click here to register your business (for free):


Have Questions?

Read the Switch to Kindness FAQ for all the information you want about how this program works and who the partners are.

If you have further questions - feel free to contact us at or by text at 310.235.3835.

Program FAQ