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  • Restaurants are where people eat
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  • Get paid on purchase not redemption

    This means you keep the breakage and the overspend

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Redemption is Simple

  • The most dynamic gift card platform

    There are lots of POS systems to choose from, but only one gift card solution that integrates to them all

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    Our PCI compliant and POS integrated platform will even make your IT department smile

  • Clover Integration

    Our integration with Clover lets you start selling gift cards online today

  • You love Revel? So do we!

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"To think last year we were faxing credit card authorization forms and mailing gift cards in the mail. We couldn't be happier about working with ItsOnMe."

Oliver Wharton, Cockscomb

Why ItsOnMe?

  • Because when you make gifting easy, you start selling more gift cards

  • Because ItsOnMe helps brick & mortar businesses earn revenue online

  • Because ItsOnMe supports owner-operated businesses

"It's not often a company comes along and delivers you a turn-key solution which drives you a new revenue stream."

Joe Massanova, TPC Las Vegas

A platform designed for SMB’s and Enterprise companies alike

  • ItsOnMe’s eGifting, eMarketing and eLoyalty IP connects businesses and brands with consumers.
  • Features like shopping cart management and the ability to communicate with breakage drive the bottom line.
  • ItsOnMe® proprietary technology and architecture facilitates relationships between bars and restaurants with distributors and suppliers in a three tier and ABC compliant marketplace.
  • ItsOnMe powers the digital shelf space and proprietary redemption process driving brands sips-to-lips programs with total transparency and verified KPI’s which includes traction and lift.

"Selling one extra gift card a day doesn't seem like much until you see the bottom line at the end of the month."

Tim Martin, Blau + Associates

Customer Service is in our DNA

On top of our fully documented system we offer 24/7 live support.

Support for our partners, support for our clients, and support for our users.

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